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Linderhof Palace Tour

Enjoy a royal Bavarian experience this summer with our Linderhof Palace Tour. The favorite castle of King Ludwig II, Linderhof is a retreat surrounded by verdant mountain scenery and beautiful Alpine gardens. After a guided tour of the castle this excursion includes a visit to Oberammergau village and time for a thrilling ride on the local Alpine coaster.
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Why Visit Linderhof Palace?

Ludwig the II is Bavaria’s most beloved monarch, with a life and death surrounded by intrigue. During his reign, the king attempted to build several castles and palaces throughout Germany, but only two were ever completed: The Schachen House and Linderhof Palace. The first was used for his annual birthday bash while the latter became his favorite home and Alpine hideaway. 

On our full day tour of Linderhof Palace, we explore the palace gardens, the grotto, and the castle itself. Along the way, we will enjoy the breathtaking Ammergau and Linden Valley views, and we will make stops in the village of Oberammergau and at a local Alpine coaster. This summer day promises to impress!

What’s Included:

  • Full day privately guided tour
  • Entrance into Linderhof Castle, which includes the castle grounds
  • Tour and free time in Oberammergau village
  • Free time to ride the local Alpine coaster

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